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"We would like to be your ‘go-to’ aluminum engineer for your engineering projects".

We recognize that for many Engineering Companies, the foundation of a new aluminum engineering project, and preparation of a constructible plan continues with the service of a competent Professional Engineering firm.  We make every effort to provide our clients with quick, accurate and affordable engineering.  Our turnaround time can be as quick as a couple of days.  We specialize in providing structural aluminum engineering, aluminum permitting , aluminum plans for all types of engineering.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable of the International Building Code and the structural design and permitting of engineering.  We hope that we may be of assistance to you and we’d very much like the opportunity to prepare a competitive proposal for your next project.  If you could, please contact us so that we may discuss how best we can work together to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of you and your clients!

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Please call us directly at (941) 391-5980, or send me an email to I would like to explain our process one-on-one.

Craig Gunderson
Owner & Operator of Engineering Division
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Projects We work On

aluminum engineering
aluminum plans
structural aluminum
aluminum permitting (quick turnaround aluminum permits)
structural aluminum engineering
Aluminum Railings & Handrails
Window Pressures & Shop Drawings
Dock Awnings and Canopies
Outdoor Kitchens
Air Conditioning and Generator Stands

aluminum engineering